Taylor Fogarty
Taylor Fogarty

Taylor Fogarty is a Brooklyn-dwelling freelancer who writes about feminism, politics, and anything else she has an opinion on. She also tweets a lot: @theloudlesbian.

What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies

‘I seem to be either a de-sexed monstrosity, or I’m a damaged, mutilated male. I’ve been alone a long time. I’ve been forced into celibacy. I yearn for mere conversation and cuddling.’

‘Bad Feminist’ Author Tells Trans Advocate To ‘Slap’ Lesbian Woman

When Arielle Scarcella disagreed with transgender activists about dating ‘preferences,’ Roxane Gay told a prominent trans woman to ‘slap her.’

Left Forum Cancels Lesbian Panel Questioning Trans Advocacy Funding

A high-profile event for progressives caved to rabid complaints of trans activists by silencing a panel of three concerned members of the LGBT community.

Why Trans Activists Will Destroy Homosexual Rights

Instead of fighting the inhumane treatment of gays outside of the West, the top human rights issue for LGBT activists is making sure we don’t hurt feelings of people who dispute the definition of being gay.