Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green is a journalist in Washington. A former reporter for Bloomberg News and The Washington Times, Green’s freelance features have been published by Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and Women’s Wear Daily for whom she was a contributing correspondent. Her other reviews, essays and writings have been published by a wide variety of publications. You can find her on Twitter @stephlgreen and on Instagram @stephgreendc

Fight Monument Smashing By Celebrating Independence Day Harder Than Ever

I’m marking Independence Day with even greater enthusiasm this year, because I’ve realized its celebration may become a thing of the past. 

New Melania Trump Biography ‘Art Of Her Deal’ Is Surprisingly Flattering

The worst thing one of Mary Jordan’s claimed 100 sources had to say about Melania Trump is that she’s ‘stubborn.’ No arguments there.

Groveling Fashion Moguls Are Actually Capitalist Titans

Fashion is all about an aspirational way of living and thinking. Its very oxygen is capitalism. Why would you want that pair of stilettos if everyone else can afford them too?

Even ‘Mrs. America’ Failed To Venerate The Left

If ‘Mrs. America’ producers tried to dim the bright legacy of Phyllis Schlafly, their efforts fell flat.

‘Pretty Woman’ At 30: Why The Ultimate Capitalist Rom-Com Wouldn’t Fly In Today’s Hollywood

‘Pretty Woman’ is celebrating its 30th anniversary this week, but there’s even more reason to watch the classic film again (and again) during self-isolation. It’s the ultimate capitalist rom-com. 

New Novel ‘Campusland’ Deftly Satirizes Academic Insanity

Scott Johnston’s debut novel ‘Campusland’ is a satirical romp through the nutty state of 2019 academia. It’s every bit as wild as you think.

Let’s Evaluate Palantir’s Berkeley Dust-Up Through Tolkien’s Lens

The University of California, Berkeley has cut financial ties with Palantir, Peter Thiel’s Tolkien-inspired data company.

25 Years After Jackie Kennedy’s Death, Melania Leans On Her Example

Twenty-five years ago this month, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died at her apartment in New York. This summer she would have been 90. Even in death, she continues to permeate our culture.

Barbara Bush’s Diaries Make Me Want To Tweet Less, And Journal More

It seems that Barbara Bush, who died a year ago this month, was more Bridget Jones than Mamie Eisenhower.