Sethu A. Iyer
Sethu A. Iyer

Sethu A. Iyer went to school at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a freelance writer and the author of “Testament: An Invitation to Lucid Romance.”

The Separation Of Church And State Is An Impossible Fiction

It is impossible even at the conceptual level, let alone at the level of practice.

Why The All-Female Remake Of ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Is An Amazingly Dumb Concept

The theme of ‘Lord of the Flies’ is inseparable from an investigation of the expressions and pitfalls of masculinity.

The Novel That Foresaw And Explains The Scandal At Google

Four years ago Dave Eggers wrote ‘The Circle,’ a novel about a tech giant and social media company that destroys lives by eradicating privacy and our sense of personal identity. It’s starting to look increasingly like a work of nonfiction.

What ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Reveals About Being Human

At times, it can almost seem ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is anti-human. Yet it really shows what is best, and worst, about humankind, and therefore defines it.

Lana Del Rey’s Obsession With Death Bespeaks An Obsession With Life

Most folk seem to be either too dazzled or confused to say anything intelligent about Lana Del Rey. So here’s my best shot.

Islamic Terrorists Aren’t Nihilists, They’re Firm Believers In Evil

A reasonable interpretation would be not that the terrorists believe in nothing, but rather that they believe, deeply and radically, in the affirmative commands of the Quran.

Why Bill Gates’ Robot Tax Is A Seductive, Yet Terrible, Idea

Implementing a robot tax would require adopting socialism, with all the perils that historically includes.

Cracking Down On E-Cigs Hurts Real People To Make Others Feel Good

Some U.S. cities are cracking down on e-cigarettes. That’s not going to help ex-smokers like me, who’ve benefited hugely from the smoking alternative.

‘King Arthur’ Deeply Mishandles The Profundity Of Legend

The thundering soundtrack and serious faces plainly attempt to convey a sense of profundity, but without any apparent comprehension of what actually makes a human situation profound.

Why Transgenderism Is Progressive Totem

Feminism is nothing more than a war against nature, and nothing vindicates this notion more than transgenderism.

Liberal Fascism Is What Happens Once People Think God Is Dead

Clearly, there is nothing secular about progressivism. Look under the veneer of pseudo-scientific language, and you’re left staring at a fanatically religious mindset.

What ‘The Seventh Seal’ Tells Us About Life And Death

When you face Death, a vague idea isn’t going to save you. Nor is the agnostic weakness of saying you just don’t know.