Scott Morefield
Scott Morefield

Scott Morefield is a politics and media reporter at The Daily Caller and a weekly columnist at Townhall (Mondays). Additionally, Scott’s editorial columns have been featured on National Review, The Federalist, TheBlaze, Breitbart, WND, The Hill, and many other sites. Follow him on Twitter @SKMorefield.

‘White Supremacy’ Report The Left Is Using To Attack Tucker Carlson Actually Reinforces His Point

Many pundits are condemning Tucker Carlson for saying white supremacy is not a major U.S. problem. And the report many of them are relying on actually shows he’s right.

Christian Leftist Zack Hunt’s Mindless Religious War Against Donald Trump

Zack Hunt is the Friar Tuck of his corner of the left-wing #Resistance™, a bona fide theologian lending ‘Christian’ cover to what would otherwise typically be a godless movement.

‘The Walking Dead’ Is A Defense Of Gun Ownership

As a tyrant whose subjects would rather face hordes of flesh-eating zombies than live under him, Negan finds it necessary to take one particular step with each new subject. He disarms them.