Sarah Mindlin
Sarah Mindlin
Sarah Mindlin

Sarah Mindlin is an elementary school teacher in New Mexico. She received a Bachelor of Individualized Studies degree from New Mexico State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Western Governors University. When she’s not at work, she enjoys working out at a local CrossFit gym, writing, listening to podcasts, and hiking with her dog.

Why Is Non-Jew David Hogg Speaking At A Jewish Event About Gun Control?

For conservative-leaning Jews nationwide, it is painful to watch the transformation of liberal Judaism into simply a leftist advocacy group.

Students Should Be Responsible For Their Performance, Not Just Teachers

Failing to meet expected test growth targets does not affect my fifth grade students in any real way, and they and their families know it.

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I’m A Teacher. Here’s Why I’m Cheering My New Freedom From Unions

Barring extreme circumstances, my employment is guaranteed, yet I cannot receive any performance-based raises or bonuses.