Ron Capshaw
‘Lizzie’ Celebrates Murder As Feminist Empowerment

The film is designed to celebrate Lizzie Borden’s 18 axe blows to her stepmother and the 10 or 11 to her father as feminist empowerment.

Norm Macdonald Is Conservative And Brave, A Rarity Among Comedians

Macdonald is refreshingly self-deprecating about his political awareness in a time when comedians advertise their political sophistication.

Jim Carrey Urges Democrats To Embrace The Socialist Label

‘We have to stop apologizing.’

Hollywood Hates Blacklists, Unless Judd Apatow Puts Laura Ingraham On One

Lately, left-wing comedy director Judd Apatow is not so humorously trying to blacklist conservative commentator Laura Ingraham.

Neil Simon’s Gentle Humor Will Be Sorely Missed

His comedy was a reflection of his idols, S. J. Perelman and George Kaufman; humorists who didn’t want to subvert American society but to enjoy its nonsense.

Michael Moore Honors Jane Fonda, American Traitor, With ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award

The most notorious visual example of Jane Fonda’s treason against the United States was her sitting atop a Vietcong anti-aircraft gun that shot down numerous American planes.

‘American Psycho’ Author Sticks His Neck Out To Decry ‘Leftist Hysteria’ Over Trump

Bret Easton Ellis says Hollywood is being ‘hysterically emotional about its liberalism’ by refusing to accept the reality that voters put Trump into office.

Denzel Washington’s ‘Equalizer 2’ Is Not ‘Revenge Porn,’ But A Strong Film About Justice

The critics of this Denzel Washington film have ignored its underlying morality that others of this type lack.

Academics Try And Fail To Understand The Appeal Of Clint Eastwood

A new collection of essays, ‘Tough Ain’t Enough: New Perspectives on the Films of Clint Eastwood,’ discounts one of America’s greatest actors and filmmakers as little more than a Republican celebrity.

Social Justice Warriors Ludicrously Slam William Shatner As An ‘Alt-Right Fascist’

Using a guilt-by-association-vocabulary is nothing new. Sen. Joseph McCarthy used the same strategy.

‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Departs From Tradition To Deliver A More Light-Hearted Hero

Of all of Marvel’s early ’60s characters, Ant-Man, alongside Iron Man, was the most politicized. Both were sturdy anti-Communists.

In The Anti-Christ Genre, Still Nothing Tops ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

In three weeks an artsy commemorative book debuts marking the film’s fiftieth anniversary: ‘This Is No Dream: Making Rosemary’s Baby,’ by James Munn and Bob Willoughby.

Paul Rudd Gives A Wildly Disappointing Performance In ‘The Catcher Was A Spy’

Not since Roger Moore’s turn as James Bond has an actor sleepwalked through a film like Rudd has here.

Milos Forman Was Singularly Honest About The Brutality Of Totalitarianism

Along with Roman Polanski, film director Milos Forman resisted the trend of using the ‘fascist’ label loosely. For him this topic was literally dead-serious, as he witnessed it up close.

‘Unsane’ Works As A Postmodernist Slant On B-Movie Psychological Dramas

As the plot unfolds, the viewer is not given a stable berth from which to follow the story, and audiences can become as disoriented as Claire Foy’s character.

‘The Death Of Stalin’ Is Billed As Satire, But Fails To Overcome Its Horrifying Subject Matter

The film about the feeding frenzy among his inner circle after his death inadvertently shows how Stalinism is literally dead serious.

History Can’t Be Rewritten To Defend FDR’s Behavior At Yalta

David Woolner’s book, ‘The Last 100 Days: FDR at War and Peace,’ makes some highly disputable claims about FDR’s handing of the Yalta Conference in 1945 in order to make the dying president’s statecraft look more competent.

Churchill’s Unwavering Defense In Britain’s ‘Darkest Hour’ Made His Life A Triumph

Nothing could match Winston Churchill’s behavior as British prime minister during World War II. His defiance was legendary. ‘The Darkest Hour’ catches it.

Realistic Patriotism Makes ‘12 Strong’ A War Movie Worth Watching

‘12 Strong’ is a welcome change from the ‘We’re all to blame’ war movies that leftists in Hollywood crank out.

New Interview Collection Reveals Christopher Hitchens’ Surprising Conservative Streak

A new collection of interviews from the late, great Christopher Hitchens demonstrates that one of the most beloved liberal intellectuals of our time held a surprising number of conservative beliefs.