Rick Esenberg
Rick Esenberg

Rick Esenberg is the president and general counsel of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

The ACLU Has It Backward: Schools Should Worry About Being Sued For Teaching Critical Race Theory

The ACLU is warning schools that teaching CRT is necessary to avoid creating a racially hostile environment. Yet singling out children as inherently racist is grounds for a lawsuit — and they’ve already begun.

The Masterpiece Ruling Is A Win For Free Speech, If Nothing Else

The Masterpiece Cake ruling made clear that noxious ideas of ‘speech equality’ and the need to police ‘hate speech’ are out of step with the Constitution.

Marquette Case Will Say Whether Colleges Can Break Contract To Silence Professors

Marquette is attempting to fire a tenured professor for public comment on a matter of great public and institutional concern.

Wisconsin Says You Can’t Buy Kerrygold Butter Until A Bureaucrat Tastes It For You

It may well be the Platonic Ideal of Butter. But folks in Wisconsin will never know because some apparatchik on the sixth floor of the Department of Agriculture has not yet spoken.