Rebecca Cusey
Rebecca Cusey

Rebecca Cusey is a movie critic based in Washington DC. She also writes about TV, pop culture, faith, and the craziness of family. USA Today, The Washington Post, World Magazine, The Daily Caller, National Review Online, The Huffington Post, and other outstanding outlets have been kind enough to publish her work. Sometimes she also shows up on radio and television.

Cusey is a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Society and a voting Tomatomer Critic on Rotten Tomatoes. She looks for the transcendent in film, but will settle for a good laugh. She lives with her three handsome children and adorable husband. Follow her on Twitter @Rebecca_Cusey.

‘13 Hours’ Rivals ‘Black Hawk Down’ And ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

A fading superpower trades on its still-existing military power while trying to figure out its purpose in ‘13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.’

‘The Revenant’ Is A Testosterone Flick, And That’s Okay

‘The Revenant’ is a bloody film about honor and revenge. That makes it the opposite of a chick flick.

Why People Won’t Eat Your Holiday Spread

Food has replaced religion as the originator of do’s and don’ts. But the holidays are about something much more important than what you eat.

I Saw The New Star Wars Movie, And It’s A True Sequel

In watching ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,’ you can forget the prequels ever happened while enjoying an expanded galaxy far, far away.

Yes, Offer Thoughts And Prayers For Shooting Victims

Never fail to express thoughts of concern to suffering people, or prayers to God. It matters.

Rejecting Pacifism Heightens ‘Hunger Games’ Finale

The final ‘Hunger Games’ film modifies author Suzanne Collins’s anti-war rhetoric, improving upon the nihilistic original.

Keep Letting Refugees Into The United States

People who want to hurt us can get to the United States whether we accept refugees or not. So at least offer the vulnerable some relief.

Parents’ Guide To A Sane Halloween

Don’t freak about Halloween. All the kids really want is the candy anyway.

Steven Tyler To Donald Trump: I’m Republican. Stop Using My Song

Donald Trump would not let Steven Tyler drink Trump Vodka for free. Why should he expect to use Tyler’s music for free?

‘The Martian’ Makes Space For Hope

The optimism this movie finds on Mars is one that people on Earth long to enjoy.

Justin Bieber, Saint And Sinner

Justin Bieber wants to be like Jesus.

Marge And Homer Simpson Work Things Out

Fox has been teasing the demise of the Simpson marriage for several weeks, but they’re staying put, and so should we.

6 Things Missing From ‘The Muppets’

A lot has changed for ‘The Muppets’ from the days of Jim Henson.

7 Free Ways To Help Your Kid Grow Into A Citizen

Kids need to learn how to be a citizen experientially, as well as intellectually.

‘Ant-Man’ Plays With Both Silly And Serious

Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ manages to make fun of the superhero genre while still fully embracing what makes the genre powerful.

Amy Schumer’s Funny, Filthy ‘Trainwreck’

The newest from comedian Amy Schumer, ‘Trainwreck’ makes the case for getting over yourself and growing the hell up.

‘Inside Out’ An Enjoyable But Not Quite Timeless Pixar Ride

Pixar’s latest, a romp inside the head of a tween girl called ‘Inside Out,’ is worth seeing, but possibly not in twenty years.

See ‘Jurassic World’ For The Dinosaurs

Tucking humans into a ‘Jurassic World’ works as well in 2015 as it did in 1993.

The ‘Mad Max’ Update Emits A Primal Scream

In a world gone mad, the mad are the sane ones.

Anna Kendrick Saves ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel brings us more a capella contests and overblown and underimportant drama.