Ramona Tausz
Ramona Tausz

Ramona Tausz is assistant editor of First Things. Follow her on Twitter @rvtausz.

Reading The Great Books Well Should Transcend Moralism

Karen Swallow Prior’s ‘On Reading Well’ offers some excellent advice for drawing moral lessons from literature, but sometimes great art proves so ambiguous that drawing pat conclusions is difficult.

‘Sharp Objects’ Pointedly Critiques The Deplorables And Those Who Scorn Them

‘Sharp Objects’ begins as a straightforward thriller, but ends up tackling our age’s tendentious relationship with its past—and the futility of our attempts at self-determining autonomy.

A Renowned Ethicist Reflects On How To Live A Meaningful Life

Scientist, bioethicist, and humanities professor Leon Kass’ new book, ‘Leading a Worthy Life: Finding Meaning in Modern Times,’ offers wisdom for everyone, but it is particularly useful for young people.

Why Arizona’s Plan To Teach Kids Cursive Is Great For Kids

Learning cursive is good for children’s brains, memory, and reading abilities—but we should also cultivate good handwriting for its own sake.

Don’t Read ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’

If you’re expecting ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ to be your Portkey back to the world of the original story, you’re in for a disappointment. ‘Cursed Child’ doesn’t belong with the other Potter books.

Self-Taught Artist Revitalizes Historical Photos Into Stunning Masterpieces

Twenty-one-year-old digital colorizer Marina Amaral can show you Abraham Lincoln as if his photo were taken yesterday.

Your Guide To This Weekend’s New Movies

Use these critics’ reviews to help you find a great movie this weekend.

How Washington Is Regulating American Indians To Death

U.S. policies have turned Indian reservations into ‘small third-world countries,’ Naomi Schaefer Riley claims in her latest book.

How America Should Deal With Globalization

Low-wage workers have suffered most from globalization. Americans can best help these fellow citizens by retraining them to compete in today’s markets.

Why You Pay Twice As Much For Butter As You Should

The U.S. government taxes butter to allow American farmers to charge American consumers higher prices. This kind of protectionism is to blame for high food prices, cronyism, and economic waste, explains a new paper.

Student Activists Want To Teach, Not Learn

A new mini-documentary examines censorship culture at Brown University and the anti-free speech movement at institutions of higher education.

The Federal Government Is Ignoring Pro-Life Consciences

The current administration is illegally coercing health care providers into participating in abortions and denying their rights to bring lawsuits, testifiers said at a House forum on Friday.

7 Incisive Clarence Thomas Quotes From 25 Years In Office

Twenty-five years ago today, Clarence Thomas was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. What a quarter-century.

The U.S. Postal Service Needs A ‘Brexit’ From Government

The U.S. Postal Service is dying, and requires privatization — a ‘postit’— to survive, argue libertarian scholars in the face of continued deficits.

New Evidence Planned Parenthood Broke Federal Law, Lied to Women

Planned Parenthood and StemExpress abused the patient privacy of women requesting abortions and deceitfully obtained their consent for their aborted tissue, a congressional panel has discovered.

How Can Gay Rights And Religious Liberty Coexist? With Free Association

‘We need more than a Religious Freedom Restoration Act—we need a Freedom Restoration Act, which was of course what the Constitution was meant to be.’