Rachel Bovard
Nuking Minority Rights In The Senate Is A Terrible Idea

I am concerned with long-term consequences: the Senate’s ability to protect the rights of those with minority viewpoints, and to check an unruly majority and an overly empowered executive.

‘This American Life’s’ Jeff Flake Hagiography Ignores GOP Leadership’s Dysfunction

The Jeff Flake of yore makes the current Jeff Flake, now a U.S. senator, look like a tinny, whiny, self-congratulatory version of his former self.

The Next Big Republican Spending Bill Is Packed With Liberal Priorities

Conservatives are in the position of having to fight like hell for their priorities to be included, only to be publicly shamed for ‘obstructing’ the process when they do.

Before We Go To War With North Korea, The President Owes Americans A Public Debate

While Article II of the Constitution makes the president the commander-in-chief, and later laws give him the authority to repel sudden attacks, it does not afford him the power to declare war.

It’s Long Past Time For Congress To Stop Writing A Blank Check To Wage War

U.S. counterterrorism operations are active across the globe all under the authority of a 2001 authorization intended only to sanction individuals directly involved in the 9/11 attacks.