Patrick Popehat
Patrick Popehat

Patrick Popehat, who can be found at @DPRK_News, is one of the world’s most-quoted authorities on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Words Of Great Leader Donald Trump On Day Of America’s Triumph

The Great Leader Donald J. Trump is preparing to reveal the lies and slanders and perjuries of Crooked Hillary in a colossal debate.

Statement Of Donald J. Trump On Eve Of Huge Victory

May Great Leader Donald J. Trump live forever and crush the enemies of the people.

Why Did The Charlotte Observer Memory-Hole A Story On Kay Hagan’s Conflict Of Interest?

Lurking beneath the surface of the Hagan-Tillis race is an ethics issue that has gone virtually unreported by North Carolina’s two largest newspapers.

The Eight Most Conservative Horror Films Of All Time

Horror is an inherently conservative film genre. From horror pictures, we learn that government programs cannot in fact save us from ultimate evil.

If You Strike Bill Maher Down, He Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

The best way to deal with a bully is to beat him on his own ground. In Maher’s case, that means to let him speak, and to beat him in debate.