Orrin Konheim
Orrin Konheim
Orrin Konheim
Orrin Konheim is a regional journalist and blogger in Falls Church, Va., who publishes in the Richmond and Washington, D.C., publications, with publication credits including the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Post, Skagit Valley Herald, Falls Church News Press, Mental Floss Magazine, Teaching Tolerance, Weekly Standard and others. He is a Democrat, but remains committed to exploring both sides of the divide on cultural issues. His Twitter handle is @okonh0wp.
We Won’t Solve Racism By Blacklisting Liam Neeson

The problem with seeking to cure racism through full-blast eradication is that this treats racism as a defining trait of character when it’s more a pre-conceived set of malleable beliefs.

High-Profile Films Show How To Bravely Discuss Race In 2018

Many of the films depicting the African-American experience this year are admirable, but the most meaningful one is, ironically, by the man who made ‘Dumb and Dumber.’

Film Critics’ Insufferable Wokeness Is Reinstituting A Moral Code For Movies

Every Oscar loss, every protest, and every mass wave of slanted criticism has an effect on what Hollywood greenlights, and how bold films can be.