Noah Diekemper
Noah Diekemper
Noah Diekemper

Noah Diekemper is a graduate of Hillsdale College and an M.S. candidate at Loyola University Maryland.

Two-Parent Homes Aren’t A Privilege. They’re A Right

When we talk about parents and children, we shouldn’t consider a two-parent upbringing as a privilege to be enjoyed by the rich few, but as something every person owes to every other person he or she creates.

Why There Is No Justification For Forcing Taxpayers To Pay For Art

President Trump’s proposed budget eliminates funding for the NEA, and apparently not wanting taxpayers to bankroll endeavors beyond the government’s constitutional scope demonstrates his lack of humanity.

Millennials Are Not Embracing Socialism Because They’re Poor, But Because They’re Rich

The discomfort, embarrassment, and guilt of living well in a cruel world plagues young Americans who have no framework for understanding cosmic inequalities.

Duckworth’s AR-15 Screed Merely Proves The Left Is Lying About Gun Control

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth communicates that she considers serious arguments not worth addressing and her opponents wicked people.

No, Kavanaugh’s Judicial Originalism Is Not A Pretext For Racism And Sexism

The flawed argument boils down to the idea that the ‘original’ intent of the founding fathers doesn’t matter, because they were imperfect people.