Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart is the board chair of the Women’s Liberation Front, and a member of the Hands Across The Aisle Coalition. She does not recant her heresy.
How Do We Reconcile Gender Self-Identification With Protecting The Disabled?

There’s no middle ground between these competing claims. People are either allowed to have single-sex accommodations and privacy rights based on sex, or they aren’t.

If Liking Dresses Makes A Boy Transgender, Half The Men In History Were Trans

If liking dresses is enough to make a boy ‘really’ a girl, is disliking them enough to make a girl ‘really’ a boy? At what age should such an interest be counted as life-determining?

Trans Activists’ Threats To Execute Women Sure Don’t Look Like Social Justice

According to this popular transgender pornographer, it’s just blowing off steam for a man to say that he wants to punch me, or rape me to death, because my opinions made him angry.