Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is the Executive Director of the Women’s Liberation Front.

The Trans Agenda Uses Exactly The Same Tactics As Woman Abusers

Women are being silenced and threatened by a false ideology wearing feminist clothes forcing feminists to destroy opportunities for girls and women.

If You Believe Trans Ideology, Forcing Women To Wax Men’s Genitals Is Logical

You can’t write out a clear statement about why Jessica Yaniv is wrong without some recognition, no matter how indirect, of his male sex. That’s the point, and it always was.

While They Openly Support Maiming Children, LGBT Activists Claim Criticizing Them Kills Trans People

Please do not be more alarmed at my description of what is happening than you are at the fact that it’s happening to children, in our country, while progressives market it as ‘life-affirming care.’

Google Dumps Top Black, Female Conservative For Believing Men Can’t Be Women

It should worry everyone that respectful commentary on gender policy like the Heritage Foundation has featured can get people removed from polite society now, or even fired.

How Do We Reconcile Gender Self-Identification With Protecting The Disabled?

There’s no middle ground between these competing claims. People are either allowed to have single-sex accommodations and privacy rights based on sex, or they aren’t.

If Liking Dresses Makes A Boy Transgender, Half The Men In History Were Trans

If liking dresses is enough to make a boy ‘really’ a girl, is disliking them enough to make a girl ‘really’ a boy? At what age should such an interest be counted as life-determining?

Trans Activists’ Threats To Execute Women Sure Don’t Look Like Social Justice

According to this popular transgender pornographer, it’s just blowing off steam for a man to say that he wants to punch me, or rape me to death, because my opinions made him angry.