Molly Davis
Molly Davis

Molly Davis is a policy analyst at Libertas Institute, a free market think tank in Utah where she works to create statewide change with criminal justice reform and property rights policy. She is also a contributing writer for Young Voices Advocates. Find her on Twitter at @_molly_davis_.

Gretchen Whitmer’s Virtue Signaling Can’t Hide That Her Lockdown Strategy Has Failed

Beyond focusing on social issues like racism, Whitmer’s new response plan for COVID-19 takes a more heavy-handed approach to force Michigan residents into compliance via state police.

The Criminal Justice System Must Better Protect Prisoners’ Health And Rights Amid Lockdowns

The pandemic has undermined criminally charged people’s right to a speedy trial, unleashing a myriad of other problems in the criminal justice system.

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers Get Due Process After Stealing It From Him

Ahmaud Arbery would have been celebrating his 26th birthday today, May 8. But two Georgia men made a horrible choice and took Ahmaud’s life without cause. Justice must be served.

Prisons And Jails Could Be Hotbeds For Coronavirus Outbreaks. Let’s Fix That

It’s essential that federal and state governments work to keep people out of jail, and take measures to protect vulnerable incarcerated populations.

‘Just Mercy’ Questions The Notion Of Equal Justice In The United States

The film explores race and poverty through personal stories that leave the audience to reconcile with the tragic side of American governments’ treatment of minorities and the poor.

Why The Trump Administration Shouldn’t Scan Your Face If You Fly Abroad

There’s no clear gain in using facial scans for travelers, but the privacy consequences are real.

Halt Rodney Reed’s Execution — He Could Be Innocent

Texas authorities have a moral duty to grant a reprieve of execution to Rodney Reed to ensure he is truly guilty before making the grave mistake of executing an innocent man.

Supreme Court Should Stop Georgia From Charging Citizens $404 Per Year To Read Their Own Laws

By barricading access to annotated codes that hold legal power and that the government partially funds, states unjustly deny people the right to properly understand the extent of the law, and defend themselves in court.

Complaining About Kim Kardashian West Employing A Freed Inmate As A Model Is Petty And Mean

Kim Kardashian West’s Skims advertisement featuring Alice Johnson, a former drug dealer President Trump gave clemency, brings awareness to an awful story of imprisonment and the downfalls of the justice system.

If We Want To Help Women, We Should Decriminalize Prostitution

Continuing to incarcerate victims of sex trafficking alongside people who willingly sell sex is a continuing policy of failure.

Don’t Strengthen The Death Penalty, Abolish It

In a criminal justice system subject to human error, capital punishment is the opposite of justice. The government must protect the most sacred right: life.

Renting Your House On Airbnb Should Not Trigger Felony Charges

In cities like Denver, the regulatory overlords have become needlessly tough on homeowners who rent out second properties as Airbnbs.

The Border Crisis Is Not A Partisan Issue

Immigration detention centers need to act fast to bring their standards up to par for the hundreds of children forced into their care.