Mitchell Blue
Mitchell Blue

Mitchell Blue is a writer and comedian living in the Los Angeles area. He is the founder of the website Apolitical Comedy and his twitter handle is @ApoliticComedy.

NBA Stands Behind Political Protest When It’s Anti-American, Rebukes Protest When It’s Anti-China

The NBA’s embrace of Chinese censorship is understandably drawing comparisons to the NFL’s debacle with Colin Kaepernick, but such comparisons are unfair because what the NBA is doing is much worse for two reasons.

How Cancel Culture Killed Sitcoms And Silver-Screen Comedies

A Slate article insists ‘we’re much, much funnier than we used to be.’ That’s not even remotely true. Political correctness has lead to the death of sitcoms and comedic movies.

Elizabeth Warren Floats 19th Century Policy For 21st Century Tech Problems

Warren’s trust-busting bona fides are being outdone by fellow 2020 contender Andrew Yang, a little-known tech entrepreneur who is gaining traction.

Amazon Chose DC And NYC Because That’s Where The Childless Workaholics Live

How do people find fulfillment if they don’t have religion, a sense of community, or a family? Hopefully by devoting their life to finding a way to ship mouthwash to people’s doors for ten cents cheaper.