Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen, a recently retired lawyer, graduated from Harvard Law School in 1976, where he was a member of the Harvard Law Review and of the winning team in the Ames Competition (moot court). His greatest distinction at Harvard, however, was that he was one of the few graduates of that institution in the 1970’s who didn’t feel called upon to write a book about it.

He is the author of numerous published mysteries (most recently “Damage Control,” published by Poisoned Pen Press in 2016), as well as a political satire and what the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called a “gently feminist” mainstream novel about the first woman to play major league baseball. He is also a co-author of The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, the Wisconsin State Bar treatise on that statute. He lives in Fox Point, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, with his wife Sara.

What Happens When An Originalist, Textualist, And Evolutionist Walk Into A Courtroom

During Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings senators and commenters are batting around words like ‘textualist,’ ‘originalist,’ and ‘evolutionist.’ Here’s an illustration.