Matthew Schmitz
Matthew Schmitz
Matthew Schmitz

Matthew Schmitz is deputy editor of First Things.

Biden And Harris Treat Catholics Like Racists To Smoke Out Of Public Life

Catholics who value their liberty will work to keep Biden and Harris — their betrayer and their persecutor — away from the White House.

Ben Carson Isn’t The Only One A Little Bit Anti-Muslim

Republicans such as Ben Carson aren’t the only ones with concerns about Islam, and race isn’t the paramount issue.

Is Donald Trump an Agent of Divine Judgment?

Is Donald Trump the vengeful ghost of Norman Vincent Peale sent to punish a nation of haters and losers?

When Critics A Reporter Cites Are The Reporter

What reportorial goal is furthered by claiming that ‘critics say’ something without giving the names of any critics or quoting their words?

Why Are Indiana RFRA Opponents Fanning The Flames Of Islamophobia?

Progressives shouldn’t join anti-Muslim activists in asserting wild outcomes from Indiana’s new religious freedom law.

The Koch Brothers’ Ten Most Shocking Power Grabs

To illustrate the extent of the Kochs’ dystopian agenda, here are a few of their most shocking attempts to buy influence.