Lucy Steigerwald
Lucy Steigerwald

Lucy Steigerwald is a journalist and an editor. Her work has appeared in the American Conservative, the Daily Beast, Playboy, and Reason. Follow her on Twitter @lucystag.

If Police Really Put American Lives Ahead Of Their Own, They’d Hurt Fewer People

Police are not supposed to make sure they get home at any cost, they’re supposed to make sure that we do.

The Celebrity Presidency Turns Out Some Good In Alice Johnson’s Commutation

Kim Kardashian deserves our respect for caring, and for levying her enormous power for something good from the president.

Paramount’s ‘Waco’ Finally Gives The Branch Davidians Their Due

In spite of negative reviews from outlets such as the New Republic and The Ringer, this is an astoundingly adult and sympathetic attempt at telling the Waco slaughter story right.

The Libertarian Presidential Debate Was A Little-Noticed Breath Of Fresh Air

The frontrunners for the biggest two political parties are widely loathed. But Libertarian candidates have a chicken-or-egg problem with media and public attention.

Legalizing Weed Will Be Like Ending Prohibition

We don’t fully know whether smoking weed in moderation will hurt anyone. But prohibiting it has done more harm than good.

Prostitution is Just Another Vice—So Legalize It

Prostitution is not sex trafficking, and outlawing it creates more harm than good.

Watching Life And Death On ‘Everest’

Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is only halfway home. That’s what dooms the climbers portrayed in a new Hollywood film.

Former Felons Deserve Second Amendment Rights, Too

People shouldn’t be punished extra simply for owning a gun. What matters is how they use the gun.