Kristen Waggoner
Kristen Waggoner

Kristen Waggoner serves as a senior vice president for Alliance Defending Freedom. She oversees ADF’s U.S. legal work and most recently argued the Masterpiece Cakeshop case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Follow Kristen on Twitter @KWaggonerADF or follow ADF @AllianceDefends.

Attacks On Jews Are A Canary In The Coalmine For Religious Liberty In The United States

The leftist culture-shapers who claim to champion ‘tolerance’ and ‘ending discrimination’ push for toxic identity politics that make true tolerance impossible.

The Left Preaches Diversity While Forcing Conformity Through Culture And Courts

What the Sixth Circuit did by unilaterally imposing a trendy notion that sex and biology aren’t related was an attempt to silence one point of view. The Supreme Court can correct that.

Cory Booker: Neomi Rao Is Unfit For Office If She Supports Natural Marriage

For the good of our country, we invite Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Cory Booker to reread the Constitution and rediscover the merits of religious diversity and freedom of conscience.