Justin McClinton
Justin McClinton
Justin McClinton was born on the south side of Chicago. He is a Morehouse Man, a Sowellian, and a lover of all things Chicago sports sans Cubs. He has a PhD in education policy.
Shootings Are Not About Gun Control Or White Supremacy. Just Ask Chicago

The real issue at the heart of these mass shootings lies with the pain the men who commit these acts are feeling.

Marshawn Lynch Was Right To Yell At A Lazy Football Camp Kid

Lynch has worked hard to get where he is in life, and for him not to carry that with him while volunteering to teach young men the game he loves would be a great disservice to them.

Transgender Admissions To All-Male, Historically Black College Undermine What It Means To Be A Black Man

Morehouse was founded in 1867 to provide black men a college education. This tradition has stood more than 150 years, only to be undermined by people used to majority-white, leftist universities.

University Of California Free Speech Center Squashes Project By Black Conservative

Representatives from the center waited until the last minute to tell me that I would be the only free speech fellow whose work will not be featured in the conference publication.

Now Is The Time To Revive MLK’s Vision For African-American Culture

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s America is one where citizens act as the best possible representatives of their respective cultures and traditions.

It’s Not Money Causing Teachers To Leave Their Jobs In Droves, It’s People

Money is not at the root of America’s education problem. The true root of the issue lies with the human participants.

Kanye West’s MAGA Tweets Champion Free Thought In An Age Of Conformity

It makes perfect sense that Kanye West would choose to ride for the side of free thought. His presence is a monumental tilt in our current marketplace of ideas.

Black Graduates Do Themselves And Americans No Favors By Booing Betsy DeVos

It does not matter what your opinion is of Betsy DeVos, booing her during a speech is disrespectful and intellectually lazy.

Why ‘Hell Or Highwater’ Is The Most American Film Of 2016

No movie better captures the cultural zeitgeist of the America that exists outside of the so-called bubbles than ‘Hell or Highwater,’ even though it’s from a Scotsman.

I’m A Black Voter. Here’s Why I Pulled The Lever For Trump

Because I am neither stupid nor old, I feel as though the voice of a real black man who voted for Donald Trump should be heard.