Joseph Sunde
Joseph Sunde
Joseph Sunde
Want To Save The Arts? Support Capitalism

Capitalism has brought about the shift from record companies as investment banks to individual artists as rogue entrepreneurs.

Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Scrooge McDuck?

Can you match the cartoonishly wealthy capitalists with their words?

The GOP’s Immigration Protectionists

The conservative movement retains a faction of folks who harbor anti-immigration sentiments that contradict their views on free trade and individual liberty.

3 Things ‘The Profit’ Teaches Us About The Beauty Of Business

Business is not just about money. It’s about people, incentives, and ethics, as CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ portrays.

Oprah, Rob Bell, And Faux Self-Empowerment For The Self-Centered

It’s as if human desire has grown so weary of natural constraints and so content with its own appetite it would prefer to label self-indulgence as “self-help” and be done with it.