John Glenn
John Glenn

John Glenn holds a PhD in English from the University of Florida. He is now an assistant professor of English at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, and his writings have appeared in The Birmingham News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Library Journal.

Debunking The Income Inequality Fallacy

With their book ‘Equal Is Unfair,’ Yaron Brook and Don Watkins expose the dishonesty of the income inequality debate and open readers minds to the potential of free markets.

Why Grit Matters More Than Talent

Why so many people overemphasize and value talent over hard work? The book ‘Grit’ sets out teach us overcoming adversity is the key to mastery.

What Black Lives Matter Could Do To Really Help Black People

The energies of activists and any Americans who want to see substantive progress should be directed toward promoting individual opportunity, which is this nation’s greatest strength.

National Conversations About Race Distract From Bigger Issues

We waste too much time on anecdotal conversations about race—especially after tragedies that have racial elements to them.

Federal Education Mandates Divert Resources From Minority Kids

What Education Secretary John King is doing in the name of minority kids will actually make their education worse.