Jocelynn Cordes
Jocelynn Cordes
Jocelynn Cordes has written two award-winning books under the pseudonym Plum McCauley, a middle-grade mystery/treasure hunt and an adult mythological fantasy. Under her own name she writes short fiction, op-eds for her local paper and essays for various webzines.
Why You Can’t Have Cultural Diversity Without Cultural Distinctions

The achievement of diversity involves a paradox that no one in the multiculturalism crowd appears to have considered.

Why It’s Entirely Relevant To Ask Whether Elected Representatives Believe In Sharia

Our laws reflect who we want to be as a society, and they derive from values we hold in common. If our values as a nation change, our law will change also.

How Refusing To Judge Any Culture Completely Undermines Human Rights

When one fully embraces cultural relativism, human rights violations––like funeral pyres and child sex abuse––become very difficult to identify.