Jessica Hardin
Jessica Hardin

Jessica Hardin has a MS in emerging infectious diseases and biohazardous threat agents from Georgetown University. She has tracked outbreaks, civil instability, and other domestic and international societal trends using open-source intelligence methods for various organizations and projects.

9 Practical Ways To Handle Coronavirus Shutdowns

Without the public’s support and participation, an outbreak spreads. With the public’s support, fatalities can be reduced and society can dodge the worst effects of an outbreak.

Why It’s Reasonable To Act Like Coronavirus Will Be Worse Than The Flu In The U.S.

This isn’t time for panic or excess worry, but calm awareness and preparedness. Stay tuned and, if necessary, be willing to make some changes to help slow the outbreak.

How Coronavirus Testing Rules Helped The Disease Spread

Only testing the severe, hospitalized cases of Covid-19 without travel or contact histories guaranteed we would miss milder cases and risk further disease spread.