Jeremiah Keenan
Jeremiah Keenan
Jeremiah Keenan is a pro-life activist and freelance writer. He recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he argued with leftists and wrote for The Daily Pennsylvanian. He also earned a bachelors in mathematics and assisted the sociology department researching religious opinion trends on eugenics, race, birth control, and homosexuality. Jeremiah grew up in China and lives, at the moment, in Ohio.
What Life In Communist China Taught Me About Bernie Sanders’ Guaranteed Jobs

No government can equitably divide what it does not first control. And controlling the economy also requires controlling the rest of society.

While You Probably Think Same-Sex Attraction Is Fixed, Researchers Don’t

‘They’ve already lost the scientific battle, and so they’ve taken it to the legislative front to enforce their views.’ Jordan Peterson’s comment applies generally to sexual orientation.

Why The Cake-Baking Cases Are Really About Courts Deciding What Americans Can Believe

Most justices first frame the issue by using judicial discretion of one kind or another to remove from consideration the nature of the product requested for a same-sex wedding.

These Pro-Lifers Enter Abortion Centers To Talk With Mothers Scheduled For An Abortion

Last week’s incidents across the country, dubbed Red Rose Rescues, were inspired by the work of Mary Wagner, a Canadian pro-life activist.

Kentucky Could Be The First Abortion Free-State By 2018

In the past six months, it has become clear that the battle for the first abortion-free state is going to be fought this year in Kentucky.

GOP Senators Need To Fulfill Their Planned Parenthood Defund Promises Now

The defund Planned Parenthood campaign hinges on whether we can convince wavering GOP leaders to leave the defunding provision alone as they tweak the Obamacare repeal.