Jenni White
Jenni White
Jenni White is cofounder of Restore Oklahoma Public Education and a former public school science teacher.
How Common Core Taught Me Bureaucrats Will Always Win Unless We Slash Big Government

My state, Oklahoma, was one of the first and only to repeal Common Core. It took years of work, and ultimately accomplished just about nothing.

These 3 Student Data Bills Could Ruin Your Kid’s Life

Sorry, but I don’t happen to believe that lifelong surveillance and surveillance-based manipulation of my choices should be the price of a public education.

How Vaccine Mandates Put Vulnerable People’s Health And Lives At Risk

State health departments and legislators who sneer at parental concerns and call for vaccination mandates erode parents’ trust.

My Family Had To Follow Immigration Law. Why Shouldn’t Refugees?

Our family shouldn’t be threatened with a ‘punch in the face’ for seeking to protect our naturally born and adopted children from terrorism.

Homeschoolers Invent The Most Daring Ways To Educate Kids

As homeschooling has grown, parents have used their freedoms to come up with models of schooling that explode the conventional, ‘factory model’ of schooling.

What A 73-Year-Old Reader’s Digest Says About America’s Future

No politician will ever make America great again.

Parents Shouldn’t Let Schools Force Kids To Read Smut

Public schools are slipping kids text porn and treating parents like crazy people when they try to protect their kids.