Jenni White
Jenni White

Jenni White has a master’s in biology and has had careers in advertising, biology, epidemiology, and teaching. She is the former education director and co-founder of Reclaiming Oklahoma Parent Empowerment and has written for publications including The Pulse, the Heartland Institute, and American Thinker. She is a homeschooling mother of five and helps her husband run their microfarm. She can be reached at [email protected]

5 Ways Parents Are Responsible For Public Education’s Failures

Lots of parents today wonder how they’ve graduated children they don’t know and who don’t have their values. Don’t be them.

What I Saw At The ‘Save America Rally’ In Washington, DC On Jan. 6

President Trump told the assembly: ‘I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.’

Why I Am Joining The Jan. 6 DC March For Trump

On Nov. 4, 2020, I suddenly saw with my own eyes the depth and breadth of the political corruption myself and others had tried and failed to prevent for so many years.

Why Citizens Can’t Afford To Keep Their Local Governments On Autopilot

When citizens realize their city councils are failing to protect natural rights and freedoms, unfortunately, they have no one to blame but themselves.

How Losing My Son Years Ago Took Away My Fear Of COVID-19

If we allow fear of illness or death to rule our lives, we’ll be unable to learn the lessons we learn through all life’s trials, troubles, and struggles.

For My Son To Be An Engineer, I Have To Pay An Oklahoma Public College To Push Segregation

Higher education has descended from citadels of knowledge into crybaby kingdoms where emotional identity is prized over knowledge.

Once I Started Homeschooling My Four Kids, I’ve Never Looked Back

Today, more than ever, parents must decide for themselves what they treasure: passing desires and excuses, or productive future adults.

How Living In Chaos Makes It Impossible For Us To Run Our Lives And Government

Many Americans today claim to be irreligious, but how can anyone be expected to hear God when they can’t even hear themselves over the cacophony coming from their own hand?

Cancel Culture Comes For Homeschooling As Busybodies Attack Hugely Popular Program

The idea of Christians issuing thinly veiled tax status threats to Christian churches hosting a program with paid tutors is prima facie ridiculous.

No, It’s Not White Supremacy To Say Minorities Shouldn’t Be Racists Either

A white family adopting black children and raising them to be individuals with their own convictions rather than those of a specific race or class is neither racist nor white supremacist.

The Worst Racism My Children Have Experienced Came From Black Peers

I hope the life of McKenzie Adams will open the eyes of the black community to the destruction of racial politics and that my kids will join others with the same kind of independent streak.

Let’s Drop Common Core And Let All Families Truly Choose Their Schools

Centralized mandates have neutered school choice by imposing one kind of education on all schools, thereby actually reducing families’ education choices, finds a new paper.

Why Voters Rated Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin The Worst Governor In America

Oklahoma’s Republican Gov. Mary Fallin recently came in at number 50 in the nation with a whopping 74 percent disapproval rating. Yes, she’s really that bad.

5 Ways Teacher Strikes Revealed Public Schools Indoctrinate Kids

Here’s what I learned about how schools manipulate kids for politics when I asked several parents to share experiences learned during the Oklahoma teacher walkout.

What Oklahoma’s Teachers Union Agitation Really Looks Like On The Ground

A large chunk of teachers appears to have no interest in educating themselves about spending, but seem instead content to parrot false union talking points.

How Common Core Taught Me Bureaucrats Will Always Win Unless We Slash Big Government

My state, Oklahoma, was one of the first and only to repeal Common Core. It took years of work, and ultimately accomplished just about nothing.

These 3 Student Data Bills Could Ruin Your Kid’s Life

Sorry, but I don’t happen to believe that lifelong surveillance and surveillance-based manipulation of my choices should be the price of a public education.

How Vaccine Mandates Put Vulnerable People’s Health And Lives At Risk

State health departments and legislators who sneer at parental concerns and call for vaccination mandates erode parents’ trust.

My Family Had To Follow Immigration Law. Why Shouldn’t Refugees?

Our family shouldn’t be threatened with a ‘punch in the face’ for seeking to protect our naturally born and adopted children from terrorism.

Homeschoolers Invent The Most Daring Ways To Educate Kids

As homeschooling has grown, parents have used their freedoms to come up with models of schooling that explode the conventional, ‘factory model’ of schooling.