Jay Hobbs
Jay Hobbs

Jay Hobbs is deputy director of media communications for Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop.

The ACLU Has Become A Big Fat Hypocrite On Free Speech

The ACLU has chosen activism over free speech advocacy for abortion, and hit the warpath against the First Amendment rights of small business owners.

Colorado Hauls Vindicated Christian Baker Back To Court On New Trumped-Up Charges

Jack Phillips personifies the American dream. Just about the only people who can’t seem to recognize that are government officials employed by the state of Colorado.

How Samantha Saved Baby Giselle With A Pill Reversal After Three Abortion Attempts

One of 400 mothers and counting to have saved the life of their unborn children in the past five years, Samantha welcomed her daughter into the world this December.

Meet 4 Women And Their Kids Who Stood With Trump In His March For Life Address

These moms rejected abortion, chose life in an unexpected pregnancy, and stood with President Trump during his address to the March for Life.

Meet Triplets Saved Just In Time From Chinese Abortion Threat

Had the couple stayed longer in China, Mensheng and the boys may have been prime targets for a totalitarian regime that has aborted more than 400 million babies.

Baltimore Decision Caps Off Spate Of Recent Pro-Life Court Wins

An appeals court overturned a Baltimore ordinance that forced Christian nonprofit pregnancy centers to post signage in their waiting rooms saying that they do not offer or refer for abortions.

SCOTUS To Review Law Forcing Pro-Life Centers To Promote Abortion

A long-fought battle to keep the Golden State from forcing its pro-life citizens to choose between obeying conscience or the law of the land is on its way to Washington DC for a final decision.

How Neighbors Mobilized To Rescue Women From A Brutal Late-Term Maryland Abortuary

While a late-term abortionist is out of business in Germantown, he says he’ll reopen his deadly practice that has sent at least 10 women to the hospital in ambulances and killed two.

Pro-Abortion Crusaders Protest Nonprofits That Offer Free Ultrasounds And Diapers To Struggling Moms

Abortion supporters are coordinating online and in-person attacks against pregnancy centers and medical clinics that are rescuing a child from abortion every two minutes in the U.S. alone.

The 20-Week, Pain-Capable Abortion Bill Reveals Uncomfortable Truths About Both Parties

Although the bill enjoys support across demographic and party lines it’s also highly unlikely to ever reach the Senate floor for a vote. That should change.

This Pre-Med Student Chose Life During Her Crisis Pregnancy And Found Her Dreams

With 54 percent of women who resort to abortion identifying themselves as Christians, Lauren found herself fighting a common battle between the redemptive promises of love and abortion.

California Denies Women Choice To Save Babies Through Abortion Pill Reversal

California’s nursing board’s sudden reversal seems a direct effort to deny a woman access to her own choice during an unexpected pregnancy.

Big Abortion Strikes Out In Street Protests Against Pregnancy Help Centers

Seeking to ‘expose’ pregnancy centers that offer women the help they need during an unexpected pregnancy, all Lady Parts Justice League exposed was its own ignorance of the facts.

No, It’s Not The Onion: Pregnancy Center Attacked For Candle That ‘Smells Like A Baby’

That’s right, ‘Candlegate’ is upon us. Run for your lives.

Cosmopolitan Blames A Violent Rape On The Pro-Life Movement

The magazine ran an article this week arguing that opposition to abortion leads not just to “extreme violence,” but—at least in one case—to rape.

‘Just Google It’ Video Exposes Another Planned Parenthood Double Standard

By sending women to the Internet to look for alternatives to abortion, Planned Parenthood staffers are doing the very thing its lobbyists want stop pro-life pregnancy centers from doing.

New York Magazine Is Right: Every Pregnancy Center Is A Threat To Big Abortion

To attack a new pregnancy center near a Mississippi abortion mill, New York Magazine trots out old, baseless talking points accusing pregnancy centers of luring and lying to women.

Hawaii Bill Would Force Pro-Life Clinics To Advertise Abortions

As Congress threatens to take federal funds away from Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry cracks down on pregnancy help centers in Hawaii.

This Pro-Life Clinic Has Rescued 30,000 Babies, And Every One Has A Beautiful Story

Adriana’s sons, Tomas and Tadeo, were born exactly one year after the date Adriana and Vincent lost their first child in a miscarriage. Adriana had considered aborting these boys.

Puerto Ricans Hope For Clinic Closures After U.S. Stops Funding International Abortions

Just three days after his inauguration, President Trump reinstated a policy that keeps $607.5 million from international organizations that promote or perform abortions.