Jason Killmeyer
Jason Killmeyer

Jason Killmeyer is a counterterrorism and defense policy expert specializing in emerging technology applications. His recent forays into cultural and political commentary have been featured in Human Events, Townhall, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, and more. Follow Jason on Twitter @JasonKillmeyer.

Iran Cements Its Advantage While Biden Sleeps

Iran’s leaders recognize the pain that results from sanctions do not pose an existential threat to a regime willing to rule through hard power.

Even Media Reports Show The Biden Administration Completely Botched The Afghanistan Draw-Down

That the decrepit state of planning in the leadup to a known and announced withdrawal deadline persists so late in the game is unforgivable.

As Times Of Exceptional Unity Fade Into The History Books, How Will History Judge Our Era Of Great Division?

If post-9/11 was us at our best, the more interesting question and a reasonable one to ask is: what would they think of us now? Twenty years later.