Jamie Gass
Jamie Gass

Jamie Gass directs the Center for School Reform at Pioneer Institute, a Boston-based think tank.

Would Marie Curie Have Changed The World If She’d Learned Common Core Math?

Madame Curie became the first woman in Europe to earn a doctorate in physics and the first female professor at France’s Sorbonne University. November is the anniversary of her birth.

Today’s The Perfect Day To Remember Poland’s Working-Class Revolt Against Communism

Lech Walesa turns 75 in September and 35 years ago won the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s probably the most important labor leader of our era.

Reading Jules Verne This Summer Could Introduce Children To Endless Worlds Of Adventure

As vacation begins, decades of K-12 education research tells us that summertime is when the academic paths of higher- and lower-performing students most radically diverge.

70 Years Ago, George Marshall Announced His Plan To Rebuild A Devastated Europe

Far too few American kids learn about the world wars, the Marshall Plan, the Cold War, or stellar military leadership.

The Great Statesman Cicero Presides Over The Ides Of March Forever

The Ides of March on March 15, 44 B.C., is among the most important dates in the political history of Western civilization.

Black History Is American History, And It Shouldn’t Last Only One Month

Human chattel slavery is found throughout history. The slave trade uniquely embodies Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s view that we all share ‘a single garment of destiny.’

70 Years Since The Nuremberg Trials, We’re Abandoning Our Pledge To ‘Never Forget’

Drawing moral courage from Holocaust survivors, we should hold all education officials accountable for teaching the historic lessons of our civilization.

Here’s To Agatha Christie, Queen Of The Whodunit

Only the Bible and Shakespeare have sold more than Dame Agatha Christie. Today would have been her 125th birthday.