James V. DeLong
Legal ‘Scholars’ Embarrass Themselves In Pompous Letter Attacking Michael Flynn

Twenty legal luminaries led by Harvard professor Laurence Tribe have written a brief urging Judge Emmet Sullivan to reject the government’s motion to dismiss the Michael Flynn case.

Are So Many Americans Fat Because They’re Getting Terrible Nutrition Advice From ‘The Experts’?

A growing body of research shows inverting the food pyramid leads to favorable weight-loss results. So why do dietary guidelines continue to prescribe techniques inimical to progress?

No, Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Included In The Census

Counting illegal immigrants in the census would warp our elections and flies in the face of any common-sense interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

9 Ways Mueller’s Investigation Epitomizes A Legal System In Crisis

Robert Mueller’s investigation is showy and politically important, but it is not unique. It embodies our administrative state.