James Morganelli
James Morganelli

James V. Morganelli is a writer, teacher, and trainer. He holds a master’s degree in applied ethics from Loyola University Chicago and has 40 years of training in Eastern martial arts. He is the author of “The Protector Ethic: Morality, Virtue, and Ethics in the Martial Way,” scheduled for release in May 2018. He lives in Chicago.

Jordan Peterson’s Right That You Should Become Dangerous, And Here’s How

There is no higher ethical standard in using violence than to subdue an enemy without killing him. This requires the highest competence.

No, Fairy Tales Are Not Morally ‘Ambiguous,’ And That’s Why They’re Worthwhile

We would be remiss if we scratched out the peaks and valleys of human experience inside fairy tales. Not only would it be highly inaccurate, it would not inspire us to anything.