James Sherk
James Sherk
James Sherk

James Sherk is the Director of the Center for American Freedom at the America First Policy Institute. He previously served as a Special Assistant to the President in the Domestic Policy Council at the White House during the Donald J. Trump Administration.

Biden Is Refilling The Swamp With Unaccountable Bureaucrats

No one votes for career federal civil service employees, but job protections empower them to pursue their personal policy preferences anyway.

Ignore The Hype And Bad Numbers. American Incomes Have Risen Since 2000

The recession and recovery have been very painful. But most workers enjoy considerably higher incomes today than in 2000.

Unions Have Less Effect On Wages Than You Think

The middle class has shrunk primarily because Americans have gotten richer. Unions don’t appear to have anything to do with that, or wages in general.

Surprise! Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Chart Is Totally Wrong About Worker Compensation

It is a powerful argument. It also withers under scrutiny.

How The Left Uses Deceptive Minimum-Wage Data

The real value of the minimum wage has hardly changed for half a century. You wouldn’t know that from looking at charts from the Left.

Five Ways The Washington Post Got Middle Class Woes Wrong

America’s middle class was actually doing quite well until the recent recession.

Why Has Wage Growth Stagnated?

The labor market is improving, but Americans don’t think so. One reason why is stagnant wage growth.