James Poulos
James Poulos
James Poulos

James Poulos is the Executive Editor of The American Mind, an online publication of the Claremont Institute. He is the author of The Art of Being Free (St. Martins, 2017), a study of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, and is the contributing editor of American Affairs.

Nationalism Is Not Our Biggest Threat, Technocracy Is

Nationalism is back as a burning issue not because of modern demagoguery or ancient hatreds but because of the triumph of digital technology over everyday life.

The Humanities Degree Is Dying, And That’s A Good Thing

As artificial intelligence advances and the humanities decline, we need to consider how to create meaningful connection in a digital world.

Social Media Is Turning Into Just Another Boring Television Channel

Even very smart critics can reflexively talk as if social media is the ultimate in digital living. Yet today, news keeps rolling in that would make calmer people draw a much different conclusion.

The Incel Movement Isn’t Really About Demanding A Right To Sex

The core of the incel issue isn’t related to rights at all. Rather than the nature of a right to sex, what’s at stake is the nature of a duty to die.

How Eradicating Bad Bots Can Quickly Mutate Into Cracking Down On Free Humans

If using fake interlocutors to ‘hack’ or ‘crash’ the democratic process feels alarming, consider how easy it will be for bots to unload high-quality political speech on the best and brightest.

Why Amazon Is Buying Up All Those Cryptocurrency URLs

Amazon-watchers have shivered with anticipation as the company bought web domains like amazonbitcoin.com. Is it brand protection? A head fake? Or something else?

The New Right Is Not A Pack Of Neo-Nazis But Of James Damores

The old bigots are swiftly aging out of influence, while the already meager influence of the new racists, out of all proportion to the attention they have attracted, is continuing to wane.

For Fear Of Leaks, Google Cancels All-Hands Meeting Over Engineer Firing Fiasco

This indicates that not just the gentler enforcement mechanisms of the current regime, but in fact the structure of the regime itself, is breaking down.

Is Digital Self-Promotion Our New Normal, Or A Passing Trend?

The growth of livestreaming and vlogging illustrates the potent power of digital trends. But we don’t know whether such trends are a fad, or our new normal.

Amazon Has Two Types Of Customers. Which Are You?

Rather than facilitating our integration into the warm fabric of the domesticated economy, Amazon can help us break loose from those structures in an incredibly cheap and powerful way.

Today’s Global Elites Are The Reason Imperialism Is Back

In the new world disorder, empire is the ultimate safe space.

Why The World Of The Image Destabilizes The West

We proudly assumed our culture would be best at living in the new digital, image-based world we created. Were we wrong?

Let’s All Do More Than Just Forget Nordstrom’s $425 Muddy Jeans Ever Happened

If the garment in question were a fake-filth-splattered ripoff Derek Zoolander would actually wear, there’d be little here worth the time it takes to complain.

Want To Protect Your Information? Build It A Better Immune System

The hard limits to secret matters of state are no excuse for popular ignorance about cybersecurity. Our adversaries can only be expected to take advantage.

Marshall McLuhan Can Save Humans From Destroying Ourselves With Technology

Marshall McLuhan is still the most penetrating Christian humanist to grasp that technology has forced us to rediscover how humans can use it to advance our species and preserve its humanity.

Liberalism’s Real Narrative Fight Isn’t What Josh Earnest Thinks It Is

We’re much better at raining death onto ISIS than breathing life into liberal democracy, which, at the close of President Obama’s two terms, is absolutely reeling in headlong retreat.

Tocqueville’s Insights Into Donald Trump’s Identity Politics

The lesson in Donald Trump’s failure and success is an old one: in politics, class does not come first in America. Race relations, particularly those defined long ago by race slavery, do.

Sorry, Peter Thiel: We Can’t Go To Mars Instead Of Iraq

Peter Thiel’s vision complements but challenges prevailing Republican views on war.

No Matter Who Wins The Presidency, The ‘Deep State’ Will Run Things

When crunch time has come, our deep state has managed largely to keep the ship afloat and chugging ahead. They’ll see us through either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Can’t Make America Great Again Because That Requires Greatness

Donald Trump has hit upon our rage but can’t he remedy it, because he embodies the corruption his supporters despise.