Hadley Arkes
Hadley Arkes
Hadley Arkes

Hadley Arkes is the founder and director of the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the American Founding. His most recent book is “Constitutional Illusions & Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law.”

It Was The Supreme Court’s Liberals Who Established There’s No Such Thing As ‘Seditious Speech’

The ever-praised ‘demonstration’ has always contained in its inner logic the premise—and the threat—that force rules.

Beware Of Those Whose Demands For Social Justice Will Only Bring About Slavery

Each grand movement to liberate mankind finds itself backing into forms of government that dispense more and more with the lingering conventions of ‘the consent of the governed.’

Here’s The Only Path Open To Republicans After Neil Gorsuch’s Betrayal

The decision on transgender employees has delivered a blow to the president and party that sold Neil Gorsuch as what they accomplished in electing Donald Trump.

Yes, Americans Could Live Without Government-Defined Health Insurance

Why is conventional opinion so quick to assume that the American people lack the imagination and initiative to get creative if insurance schemes get scrambled overnight?

Republicans Need To Argue About Sex Like Gay Activists

Gay people agree that it’s good to discriminate against some sexual activity. They and Indiana’s Republican leaders just disagree about where to draw the line.

The Loves Of Barack Obama

It is clear that Barack Obama loves his country. But with what kind of love?