Grace Emily Stark
Grace Emily Stark
Grace Stark

Grace Emily Stark is a freelance writer and editor, with published work in multiple outlets. She is a current Ramsey Institute Fellow, and a former Novak Alumni Fund Journalism fellowship recipient. Follow Grace’s writing at

Hormonal Birth Control Is Killing Women. Why Won’t The FDA Talk About It?

Many women are realizing the synthetic hormones in most methods of contraception come with side effects and risks that are annoying and sometimes dangerous.

My Husband’s A Vaccinated Doctor. Here’s Why I’m Not Getting A COVID Shot

It’s quite clear major health institutions might not have my unborn daughter’s best interests at heart, and may give advice accordingly.

It’s Not Just Britney Spears. IUDs Hurt Women Everywhere

Marketed as ‘liberating’ women from their reproductive systems, all too often contraceptives treat women’s bodies as objects to be controlled.

Freezer Malfunctions Underscore The Dark Realities Of Artificial Reproduction

The recent malfunctions at two major fertility clinics expose more than just the technical failures of the assisted reproductive technologies industry.

Politics In Everything Has Become Today’s Midas Touch

Rather than unify us, like King Midas’s ‘golden touch,’ politics corrupts everything it touches, rendering those things incapable of bringing us joy.

Every State Needs To Pass ‘Simon’s Law’ To Prevent Charlie Gard Cases Stateside

As hospitals seek to mandate the timing of life and death, more states need to affirm the rights of parents to determine the welfare of their children.

If You Love Romance And Adventure, Ditch Feminism

Go ahead: Ditch your job to follow the man you love halfway across the world.

Suffering Steals No Dignity From Joey Feek Or Anyone Else

Suffering doesn’t rob a person of dignity. To say otherwise cheapens the life of Joey Feek and everyone with a terminal illness.

Marriage, The Ultimate Creative Endeavor

Millennials are drawn to creative pursuits. Just wait ‘til they hear about marriage.

How People (Including Gwyneth Paltrow) Get Food Stamps Wrong

Is the point of food stamps survival, or living large off other people’s hard work?