Emily Jashinsky
Emily Jashinsky

Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist. She previously covered politics as a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Prior to joining the Examiner, Emily was the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation. She’s interviewed leading politicians and entertainers and appeared regularly as a guest on major television news programs, including “Fox News Sunday,” “Media Buzz,” and “The McLaughlin Group.” Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Real Clear Politics, and more. Emily also serves as director of the National Journalism Center and a visiting fellow at Independent Women’s Forum. Originally from Wisconsin, she is a graduate of George Washington University.

‘Film Fest’ Writer & Director Explains How The Movie Satirizes The Festival Circuit

‘People in our business don’t make money from making movies. Hollywood has its own top one percent and the bottom 99. Our movie is about the bottom 99.’

Disinterest In Hunter Biden’s Racial Slurs Reveals The Moral Bankruptcy Of Virtue-Signaling Elites

Easy targets make for great shields.

Why An Amazon-MGM Marriage Will Threaten And Invigorate Art

Demand for heterodox thought and charged debate is increasing as monopolists like Bezos try to bring the public discourse under their control. 

Why Chrissy Teigen Never Changes

Teigen is a lightning rod in no small part because her appeal with coastal journalists was not reflective of a broader appeal with their readers.

Why Media Failure Is A Major Story Of Our Time

New facts about last summer’s police clearing of Lafayette Square show how our media peddle glaring disinformation on a daily basis, on major stories.

The Tyranny Of Jargon: How Elite Leftism Is Killing Efficiency And Risking Lives

Our decadent ruling class is playing games with esoteric jargon to burnish their own reputations at great cost to everyone else.

Gavin Newsom’s Hollywood Collusion Shows How Power Protects Power

Gavin Newsom’s attempt to dodge a recall bid is shaping up to be a nice glimpse at how power protects power.

The Cookie Question: How Voters See Through Feigned Humility

Handing out cookies of yourself is a very Trumpian move. The key distinction, however, is that Trump would do it with zero pretense of humility.

As Wages Stagnate For Men, America Must Look To Its Culture For Resolution

For all our talk about economic populism, we need to think about what cultural populism might look like as well.

How The New York Times Botched Its Dispatch On A Local Culture War Blow-Up

Elites in academia, media, and business want more debates over equity. The rest of us just want to feed our families and get along. Those two goals are not compatible in this fraught cultural climate.

The Elegant ‘Friends’ Reunion Harkens Back To Glory Days Of Mass Media

The recently-departed era of mass media produced a lot of garbage, but also created incentives for artists to tap into shared human experiences—occasionally producing something brilliant. ‘Friends’ fits that bill.

Conservatives Aren’t Cancel Culture Hypocrites, But The Left Is

Murkily defined ‘cancel culture’ is becoming useless as a category because the left and right are increasingly aware some things truly warrant cancelation.

From ‘Ziwe’ To ‘Hacks’ To ‘SNL’s’ Low Ratings, Comedy Is Finally Healing

The left’s silly new boundaries are giving comedians more material, and more comedians seem to feel comfortable skewering them.

Chrissy Teigen Got Rich Off Setting The Cancel Culture Norms That Are Biting Her Now

Chrissy Teigen is being asked to live by the standards she helped set — standards that helped her get rich.

How The ‘RHOD’ Racism Controversy Reflects Our National Divisions

The controversy roiling Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ reflects two of our country’s broader conflicts.

#TheHonorProject Is Here To Help Remember Our Veterans This Memorial Day

“The Honor Project ensures our nation’s fallen heroes are not forgotten.”

Pathetic ‘SNL’ Can’t Even Make Elon Musk Funny

While Saturday’s episode drew eyeballs, the final product was characteristically lacking.

The Questions Republicans Need To Answer Before Backing Caitlyn Jenner

With Caitlyn Jenner’s California candidacy, the moral and political pros and cons are tangled. The crucial question comes down to child mutilation.

Entertainment Media’s Protection Of Cultural Power-Brokers Like Lizzo Hurts Everyone

This is one of the country’s most powerful entertainment news outlets endorsing a celebrity’s argument that obesity should be ‘normalized.’

Billie Eilish’s Jarring New Vogue Cover Is A Window Into Gen Z’s Struggle With Sex

Billie Eilish resonates with her generation because she reflects it, giving the girls of Generation Z an aesthetic balm for the sting of influencer-era pressures and feminist confusion.