Deane Waldman
How Democrats’ ‘Infrastructure’ Packages Would Devastate American Health Care

The more Washington regulates and controls, the less care Americans receive. Democrats’ ‘infrastructure’ bills would make things even worse.

Why A ‘Public Option’ Will Actually Lead To Less Health Care For Everyone

The public option will lead to government-controlled healthcare and fail the American people, leaving them in line for care that will not come in time.

Yes, Children Are ‘Almost Immune’ To The Worst Of COVID-19

Strictly speaking, children are not completely immune to infection, but they are indeed ‘almost immune.’ Most definitely, children are highly resistant to illness and death from COVID-19.

Health Officials Need To Stop Contradicting Themselves On COVID Data And Dangers

Narratives regarding COVID-19 are confusing, inconsistent, and often contradictory. Officials owe us accurate and clear explanations of the risks we face.

Why Bureaucracy, Not Your Doctor, Is Making All Your Medical Decisions

The only way for patients to get the care they need when they need it is to restore a direct doctor-patient relationship, without a third-party payer in between making medical and financial decisions.  

As U.S. Democrats Push Single-Payer, England’s Is Killing Cancer Patients

Americans are profoundly frustrated with health care. Obamacare made health care more expensive and less responsive, but Medicare-for-all will crash the system.