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David Hogberg
David Hogberg

David Hogberg is a writer living in Maryland. Check out his YouTube Channel, Comics & Variety.

Here’s How The Supreme Court Can Stop Google From Stealing People’s Ideas

The Supreme Court will rule this year on Google v. Oracle, and when it does, it can rein in both Google and the legal doctrine of ‘transformative use,’ an abuse of the ‘fair use’ exceptions to copyright laws.

Twitter Suspended Me For Saying A Transsexual Is A Transsexual

Social media sites such as Twitter should only have speech codes that prohibit the most extreme behavior, such as threats and doxxing. Anything more than that truncates important public debates.

Thomas Sowell Talks About Discrimination, Race, And Social Justice

The famed economist and social theorist sat down to talk about race, discrimination, crime rates, and cultural attitude shifts.

Bill To Require Reusable Rockets Benefits SpaceX At Taxpayers’ Expense

New legislation will bias a military satellite program in favor of futuristic, unproven technology that could cost taxpayers billions.

Gingrich Is So Over The Moon With SpaceX That He Forgot To Answer This Important Question

Yes, space travel is wonderful and SpaceX has had some success, but does that mean federal funding of the company is a good idea?

Why ‘Medicare-for-All’ Is A Terrible Idea

Those with political power would get good care, while those without such power—often the sickest—would lose out.

The Obamacare Death Spiral Is Still Coming

It is much too soon for Obamacare proponents to say that the death spiral prediction is wrong. In fact, some states are signaling it’s started already.

Retooling Medicare’s Price Fixing Scheme Will Hurt Sick People

A bill the House of Representatives passed Thursday will encourage doctors—especially the best doctors—to avoid sick people. Brilliant.

14 Ways Obamacare Is Still A Disaster (That You Won’t Learn From Vox)

Conservatives won’t know Obamacare is working if they only read right-leaning sites, says Ezra Klein. Au contraire.

Veterans Face Further Scandals If Bureaucrats Run Their Healthcare

The Veterans Affairs wait-time scandal has nothing to do with geography, and everything to do with bureaucracy.

Why Obamacare’s Enrollment Triumph Will Prove Fleeting

It’s no surprise the President isn’t more circumspect when touting Obamacare enrollment numbers. But he should be.

Correcting Michael Hiltzik On Obamacare (Again)

A shill will repeat any argument in favor of his cause no matter how ridiculous. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Michael Hiltzik.

Celebrating Another Phony ObamaCare Milestone

The Department of Health and Human Services says enrollment in the ObamaCare exchanges had reached 6 million. Not so fast.

The “No Obamacare Horror Stories” Fairy Tale

Despite a campaign to discredit those who suffer, there are many real stories of hardship under Obamacare.

It’s Time To Demand The Obamacare Exchanges’ Missing Data

When it comes to the data that matters, what we don’t know about Obamacare’s exchanges turns out to be a big deal.

The Eight Biggest Falsehoods in Obama’s Rose Garden Speech

Don’t faint: President Obama’s Rose Garden speech in defense of his health care law had a few factual problems.

The Life of Julia Under Obamacare

As ObamaCare moves closer to implementation, many voters, including Julia, are going to learn the hard way that free government benefits come with big costs.