Dave Carter
Dave Carter

Dave Carter is a former cross-country truck driver, retired military veteran, security forces member and senior military historian who has deployed throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. A contributor to Ricochet.com, he is also the host of The Dave Carter Show podcast, and the proprietor of Davecarteronline.com.

Truckers Deserve The Nation’s Gratitude During More Than The Current Pandemic

People are suddenly thankful for truck drivers during the COVID-19 crisis, but will their gratitude last after the pandemic subsides?

How Leftist Stereotypes And Plot Lines Have Made TV Boring

The show ‘Bluff City Law’ demonstrates what happens when stories with great potential derail, thanks to the injection of so-called gutsy leftist messaging.

Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Believe Its Own Slogan

Do black lives matter to the thugs who steal from the innocent in their community and assault them? Do black lives matter to a culture that demeans and dehumanizes women?

On Memorial Day, It’s Personal

For soldiers, it only takes one wrong step, one wrong turn, or one blink of an eye to go from Veteran’s Day to Memorial Day.

A Misanthrope’s Guide To ‘Madam Secretary’

Fictional Democrats prioritize the lives and interests of American citizens, while real Democrats turn a blind eye to deadly threats and play nice with barbarians.

The 10 Rules Of Staying Alive While Driving In Memphis

When in doubt in Memphis, drive like a cop.

Conscripting Women Into The Military Displays The West’s Death Wish

Forcing women to fight in battle during desperate times is the sign of a civilization undoing itself.