Dave Briggs
Dave Briggs

Dave Briggs is an anchor at ‘Weekend FOX & Friends’ at FOX News and a former anchor at CNN’s ‘Early Start’ and host at NBC Sports including for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Rio Olympics, NASCAR America, and Fantasy Football Live. He is a married father of three, and lives in Westport, CT.

Baseball Is Back, And Let’s Hope It Goes Well

The success or failure of this baseball experiment will go a long way in determining if football leagues can play this fall, so even if you don’t like MLB, it’s time to start cheering for it to pull this off.

Coronavirus Still Thwarting Attempts To Return Normalcy To Most Of The Sports World In 2020

Concerns over coronavirus cases and athlete safety are throwing cold water on the hopes of those waiting for the MLB, NBA, NFL, and college football.

Coach Mike Gundy Wasn’t ‘Man’ Enough To Resist The Thought Police

With OSU football coach Mike Gundy bowing to his progressive players’ demands, we went from ‘I’m a man’ to ‘who’s your daddy’ in college athletics.

National Anthem Kneeling Controversy Is Once Again A Political Football

While it’s not yet clear when the NFL season will start, one thing is certain: If and when play resumes, the fiery debate over systemic discrimination, police brutality, and the American flag will return.

Why Tom Brady Needs To Persuade Rob Gronkowski Back Into Retirement

Brady’s boldest move was luring tight end Rob Gronkowski, his running mate for nine seasons in New England, out of retirement. But Gronk’s head is not well, and Brady knows it.

Boston Is Blue For Tom Brady On St. Patrick’s Day 

Coronavirus has canceled joyous St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Boston. Just when New Englanders thought it couldn’t get worse, Tom Brady left the Pats.

March Madness Is Turning Into March Silence Amid Wuhan Virus Shutdowns

Due to the Wuhan virus, March Madness fans will have to stay home from stadiums and watch the games on TV — if there’s even anything left to watch at all.

The New York Knicks Need To Make Amends With Spike Lee And Loyal Fans

The Knicks saw their lowest home attendance in over 13 years after incident with Spike Lee.