C'zar Bernstein
C'zar Bernstein

C’Zar Bernstein is a philosopher whose interests include topics in applied ethics, the philosophy of religion, and the philosophy of law. He has published essays in peer-reviewed philosophy journals on a variety of topics including the morality of abortion and gun rights. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a master’s in philosophy and will begin as a law student at The George Washington University School of Law this August.

We Should Trust The Cubans Who Fled Communism And Testify Of Its Horrors

People who’ve experienced Castroism are far more qualified than the relatively affluent Cuban-Americans who’ve lived far away from the harms of communism.

The Left Loves Illegal Immigrants Until They’re Israeli ‘Settlers’

Illegals are fine so long as their descendants will vote for the Democrat Party, but if they’re Jews then the land must be cleansed of their presence, with force if necessary.

Your Arguments Against The Death Penalty Are Junk

Some people deserve to die for brutally and intentionally murdering innocents. If that’s right, then justice requires capital punishment.