Cleta Mitchell
Cleta Mitchell

Cleta Mitchell is the senior legal fellow for election integrity at the Conservative Partnership Institute in Washington, DC.

House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections The Old-Fashioned Way

The bill is a radical leftwing assault on the integrity of America’s elections and would permanently reshape and dictate ultimate election outcomes for the rest of our lives.

Celebrate ‘Consent Of The Governed’ This Weekend, Then Reject Democrats’ Attempt To Sabotage It

As we celebrate our founding, remember ‘consent of the governed’ is fundamental. And it is that principle Democrats are seeking to eradicate.

If We’re Going To Have Voting By Mail, Here’s How To Prevent A Disaster

The USPS’s 4 percent failure rate for election mail is unacceptable. Changes must be made to ensure 100 percent on-time delivery and processing of ballots.

The Real Coronavirus Chronology Shows Trump Was On Top Of It While Biden Was Mocking The Danger

No media or Nancy Pelosi false narratives or phony Joe Biden campaign ad can change the truth about the real chronology of the coronavirus.

Impeachment Charade Proves It’s High Time To End Court Deference To Biased Federal Agencies

This entire episode, and many more, should cause us to rethink certain legal principles related to federal employees that have governed us for decades.