C.C. Taylor
C.C. Taylor

C.C. Taylor is a retired college professor who lives in Philadelphia.

10 Reads That Will Help You Understand The Left’s Strategy Against Trump

The real story of the Trump administration is, in addition to his policies and pronouncements, how our intelligentsia image him and his administration.

This Liberal Philosopher Proves The Left Loves Authoritarianism

The Left misunderstands Herbert Croly as sort of a reincarnated Founding Father. In reality, his assumptions are authoritarian and collectivist.

You’ll Never Believe The Real Agenda Behind Anti-Police Agitators

People and organizations that push social unrest based on dramatic storylines lie to us, aiming to destabilize society as cover for political change.

Why The Rolling Stone Decision Won’t Keep The Left From Hoaxing You

Rolling Stone’s false gang rape article and socially aware media’s acceptance of mythical storytelling represent the practice of ‘benign fabrication.’

Leftist Historians Lie To You So Their Politicians Can Win

Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s successors today want to organize for power, and that requires creating conflict by lying to Americans.

The Washington Post’s ‘October Surprise’ Is A Hit On Trump, Not Defense Of Women

In an ‘October Surprise,’ a media outlet runs a negative story on a candidate late in the campaign season to break his balance and benefit his socially oriented opponent.

Upton Sinclair Perfected The Art Of The Misleading Media Narrative

Today is famed twentieth-century progressive muckraker Upton Sinclair’s birth anniversary. He continues to influence today’s liberal media.