Caleb Ecarma
Caleb Ecarma

Caleb Ecarma is currently a student at North Greenville University studying digital media and Arabic. He is a campus correspondent for Campus Reform, a contributor for The Daily Wire, and a writer for Hypeline News. Upon graduation, he intends to move to the Middle East to work as a war journalist.

Bernie Sanders: Muslims Should Have Religious Freedom, But Christians Shouldn’t

Sen. Bernie Sanders demands an unconstitutional religious litmus test on Christians in public service positions, yet the exact opposite for those of Islamic faith.

Sen. Mike Lee Sees Big Opportunities In Trump’s Populism

Sen. Mike Lee asked that his fellow conservatives not dismiss the challenge of populism, but instead embrace it to advance their policies.

Clemson University Bans Harambe Jokes For Fomenting Racism And Rape Culture

Rather than responding with outrage, young people have responded with laughter at social justice warriors’ insane response to the death of the gorilla Harambe as he threatened a black child.