Bruce Edward Walker
Bruce Edward Walker

Bruce Edward Walker is a freelance writer for several free-market think tanks, including the Foundation for Economic Education, The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, and the Heartland Institute. He also writes a weekly column for the mid-Michigan newspaper The Morning Sun.

New ‘Zappa’ Documentary Seeks Fresh Converts To Music Legend’s Cult

‘Zappa’ is a thorough introduction to the life and musical career of the most idiosyncratic and talented artists of the 20th century.

Say Goodbye To Musical Genius Mark Hollis With These Gems

Quietly magisterial is one of many phrases one might use to describe the music of Mark Hollis, the recently deceased singer of the band Talk Talk.

The Sound Of Slowhand Clapping Befits The New Eric Clapton Biography

A new biography by Philip Norman, ‘Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton,’ dwells on the salacious details of one of our most beloved rock stars but doesn’t adequately celebrate his talent.

Roger Daltrey Reflects On Not Dying Before He Got Old

In ‘Thanks a Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story,’ the most sober member of one of rock and roll’s most legendary and destructive bands reflects on his in and out of the Who.

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Stops Short Of The Most Compelling Finish Line

This 10-part series depicts the existential blind alleys and moral cul-de-sacs of a family not only devoid of religious faith but inextricably beholden to nominalism, the belief that truth is derived only from observable data.

Today Is Conservative Luminary Russell Kirk’s 100th Birthday

Russell Kirk was so much more than a Cassandra ceaselessly caviling against Communism. To our great fortune, Kirk scoured the world’s great literature, philosophy, and political theory.

‘White Boy Rick’ Spins The Fate Of An FBI Drug Informant To Downplay Drug-Peddling

Some context is missing from the film, which portrays the informant as a Robin Hood figure of Detroit wronged by the feds.

Dear Roman Catholics: Let’s Let The Megachurches Keep Their Rock Concerts, Okay?

Aye carumba! Someone in the ‘70s slipped something illicit in the chalice, and the flashbacks today for Roman Catholics like me are fierce.

Rolling Stone’s 50th Anniversary Is Also Its Time For An Obituary

In the wake of a somewhat unflattering Jann Wenner biography and two boneheaded exercises in journalism, Rolling Stone is mounting a full-court defense of its 50-year legacy.

How ‘Thank You For Your Service’ Builds On The Returning Soldier Movie Genre

Wonderfully acted, written, and directed, ‘Thank You for Your Service’ is the post-traumatic stress disorder movie that veterans of U.S. campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve.

‘10cc: Before/During/After’ Nearly Hits The Mark

While not perfect when viewed through the thick lenses of this long-time pop-music dork, it seems 10cc’s latest compilation is about as good as it’s ever going to get.

Entertainment Media Casts ‘The Young Pope’ As Supervillain For Being Catholic

Maybe ‘The Young Pope’s’ emphasis on doctrinal purity sounds like a supervillain to those outside the Catholic faith and to more than a few still claiming membership in the church.

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ Reveals The Key To His Highway

What distinguishes ‘Born to Run’ is all the familiar tales are told solely in Bruce Springsteen’s voice for the first time, and the new information gains from a consistent, first-person narrative.

David Bowie’s Last Bows To His Past

David Bowie’s death is a greater tragedy because it occurred before he could recover artistically from the album that presaged it by two days—‘Blackstar.’

Frank Zappa Captured Why We Hate TV News

Rock star Frank Zappa perfectly captured what it is about television news that we all hate.