Bridget Phetasy
Bridget Phetasy

Bridget Phetasy is the Playboy Advisor in Playboy Magazine as well as penning’s Sex & Dating Column. Once she was dared to do stand-up comedy. It is now her primary reason for getting out of bed. In her free time Bridget wrangles an insane puppy, co-hosts the podcast Benched and is working on her humorous self-help book, “Seducing Men Is Like Hunting Cows.” Follow Bridget on Twitter @bridgetphetasy

What Happened When I Wore A Tucker Carlson T-Shirt For A Week In L.A.

After people bought me Tucker Carlson T-shirts, I decided to test the bubble out and wore the T-shirts everywhere I went in Los Angeles for a week. The results were fascinating.

If It Were Honest, Hollywood Would Have Given Trump An Emmy Sunday

Hollywood is just as complicit in turning this country into a nation of morons determined to vote against their own interests as everyone else is, including we lazy voters.

Feminists Make Themselves Hypocrites When They Complain About Blondes And Heels

There is a massive double standard about the boundaries of feminism, and it’s clear that the line is drawn at Trump supporters and particularly Trump relatives.

Who Cares If The Koch Brothers Funded ‘Wonder Woman’

The news of the Koch brothers’ passive involvement in ‘Wonder Woman’ presents a sticky wicket for liberal Hollywood and feminists alike.