Brian Sack
Brian Sack

Brian Sack writes things of varying lengths with the best of intentions. He once had a very funny show on a network that ran out of money.

Welcome to the West! A FAQ For Immigrants

Perhaps this little rhyme can help: To live here in the West, God willing, just say no to honor killing.

Every Facebook Article On Politics Captured In This One Post

Every Facebook post about politics uses the same formula and follows the same tired template.

Urgent Message From The Safe-Spaceship Enterprise

Highlights from the captain’s log: “By popular vote, Spock and I now have to make our points in the Free Speech Zone.”

I Ruined A Movie And Didn’t Kill Hitler

I built a time machine, but instead of killing Baby Hitler I took a Guy Who Writes For Salon to see the 1981 premiere of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’