Brad Polumbo
Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo is a freelance writer. His work has previously appeared in National Review, The Daily Beast, and USA Today. You can follow him on Twitter @Brad_Polumbo.

Why I Refuse To Attend My College’s LGBT Graduation Ceremony

Merely having a different sexual orientation than those around you is no major accomplishment, and it shouldn’t be awkwardly singled out to virtue signal.

What I Learned When I Enrolled In A Race, Gender, And Oppression Studies Class

Theories about privilege and oppression by society at large tell impressionable young college students that nothing is their fault, or their responsibility.

Not The Babylon Bee: Christian At UC-Berkeley Harassed, Denounced For Saying There Are Two Sexes

Activists are trying to destroy a lone Christian student who dared speak out in favor of a Trump administration proposal to define sex according to biological realities.

Despite Me Too Witch Hunts, The ‘Pence Rule’ Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Can’t men be trusted to have some basic amount of self-control? And will implementing ‘the Pence Rule’ even stave off allegations?

If U.S Activists Actually Cared About Gay People, They Wouldn’t Target Christian Businesses

The activist left in America is hardly focused on the actual atrocities gay people face around the globe. Instead, they’re much more concerned with cudgeling Christian conservatives.

Up To 60 Percent Of College Students Need Remedial Classes. This Needs To Change Now

The prevalence of remedial college courses represents an obvious failing of our K-12 public school system. Increasing school choice could be a solution.

Campus Identity Politics Are Leading To Racially Self-Segregated Dorms And Parties

Race-based dorms emerging across the country keep people in their cultural comfort zones. The result is higher education that’s never been more diverse, yet still deeply divided.

Nasty Grindr Hookup Messages Show Gay People Can Learn Something From Mike Pence

I’m a gay, agnostic libertarian, but if I spend too much time on Grindr, the most popular dating app for gay men, I start to think that social conservatives might have a few things right.

The Student Debt ‘Crisis’ Is Students’ Fault, And They Shouldn’t Get A Bailout

The average college graduate leaves school with a monthly payment of approximately $300. So why are students really struggling to repay their loans?