Beth Bailey
Beth Bailey
This Memorial Day, Reach Out To Isolated Veterans

As our country struggles forward against economic recession and pandemic, we will look to the heroes of our past and present to show us the way forward.

Why It’s Dangerous And Self-Absorbed To Hold Your Wedding At A Mexican Resort

Mexican weddings require guests to assume exorbitant costs, make bold presumptions about guests’ travel preferences and abilities, and pose unnecessary security and health risks.

Here’s A Timely Book To Honor Holocaust Remembrance Day

Debbie Cenziper’s recent book, ‘Citizen 865,’ recounts the valiant efforts of American prosecutors who pursued justice for Holocaust victims for decades after the end of World War II.

People Who Play The Antisemitism Blame Game Are Part Of The Problem

With each new antisemitic attack, the left and right bicker about whose side is to blame for the escalation. Meanwhile, American Jews bear the brunt of our inability to unite against antisemitism.

Don’t Be A Grinch. Set Aside Politics To Revel In Christmas Joy

If the political Grinches do not put aside their efforts to sow discord, how many American children will experience a holiday marked not by unqualified love but by judgments and tension?

What To Do About The Increasingly Vicious Anti-Jew Campus Protests

Institutions of higher learning are increasingly in thrall to anti-Israel groups that disguise bigotry and antisemitism behind flowery manipulations of the truth.

To Thank Veterans, Try Listening To Their Stories Of Service

Will taught me that the most meaningful thing civilians can do for veterans and service members may be to listen to their stories of service.

A Medal Of Honor Recipient Celebrates Gratitude And Sacrifice

In Kyle Carpenter’s memoir ‘You Are Worth It,’ the youngest living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor offers valuable life lessons that speak beyond his years.

As The Last WWII Nazi Stands Trial, The Holocaust Remembrance Torch Passes To Us

Bruno Dey’s twice-weekly, two hour sessions of questioning demonstrate to the watching world the face, and the consequences, of hatred.

Early Miscarriage Is An Invisible Loss, But The Grief Is Real

A chemical pregnancy may be invisible to onlookers, but the hopes associated with having a child require little to take root, and when they are cut down, it can feel devastating.

Tlaib Insists It’s Not Racist To Say White People Can’t Be Police Analysts

From a woman who has been quick to accuse opponents of racism, the remarks were shocking. Even more unbelievable was Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s op-ed alleging her words ‘weren’t racist.’

Rashida Tlaib Blames Israel For Terrorist Attack That Killed Israeli Teen

Rep. Rashida Tlaib implied that policies of the Jewish state of Israel were somehow to blame for the heinous actions of terrorists who detonated a bomb.

With So Many Reasons To Ditch Nike, Just Do It Already

It’s time to trade Nike’s swoosh and its never-ending political controversy for patriotic, small-town businesses — not to mention, a superior product.

Florida Public School Principal Claims Holocaust Was Not A ‘Factual, Historical Event’

Maybe he has never been adequately educated about the devastating, complex period that led to the wholesale murder of six million Jews.

What Tainted Companies Should Do Instead Of Holocaust Reparations

To rectify its connections to Nazism and the Holocaust, the Reimann family will donate approximately $11.2 million to ‘an organization that helps former slave laborers.’

The Media Owes Americans An Apology For Dividing The Country With Collusion Hate Mongering

In pursuit of a smoking gun that would validate their discontent with the president, media used trumped-up information to lead Americans into hating their friends and loved ones.

The Facts About Mass Shootings Support Gun Ownership, Not Gun Control

Democrats shouldn’t add more gun control laws to the books when the shootings in both Parkland and Aurora could’ve been prevented by existing policies.

By Weaponizing Border Policy, Democrats Play Political Games With People’s Lives

Nancy Pelosi’s flippant wall remarks show that she’s not taking this crisis seriously. Meanwhile, Americans continue to die from illegal drug overdoses and children continue to be trafficked as U.S. entry tickets.